Piston flow control valve
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Piston control valves consist of valve body, seat, piston, valve shaft, crank, connecting rod, drive pin, cone pin, bearing and operating mechanism. Piston valve through a connecting rod piston valve spindle rotation can be converted to axial movement along the guide rail, in the process of the piston back and forth motion, by changing the area of circulation between the piston and the valve seat to realize the flow control and pressure control. The flow from the axial arc to the valve body, the flow in the piston control valve is axisymmetric, and the flow will not generate turbulence. No matter the piston movement to any place , regardless of any position of cavity flow cross-section are ring, at the exit to the axis of contraction, so as to achieve the best cavitation, avoid because of throttling and possible cavitation damage to the valve and pipe.

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