Ouguan valve technology co., LTD Located in the Nanan City Luncang high-tech park(Ouguan Valve Industrial Park),In the period of the secondary development at present,An urgent need to all kinds of talents to join us.As you desire development hope to realize self value, please contact us!

Customer service manager

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, marketing, public relations or related major is preferred;
2, 3 years experience in customer service management, proficient customer service system management processes;
3, high sense of responsibility and customer service consciousness, strong affinity, have patience;
4, stronger organization, planning, control, coordination and interpersonal skills, strain capacity;
5, good coordination and communication skills, strong team cooperation consciousness.

Salary:3000-5000 RMB
Work time: workday 8:30AM~5:30PM
Benefits: five insurance + meal + bonus + holiday allowance, year-end bonuses
In the birthday party held birthday party employees, let staff feel the warmth of home

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