Talent concept 

We are a dependable, straightforward and the diversity of enthusiastic about machinery group, again and again to break through the limits of your own, constantly creates value.We have a consistent interests vision: "innovation change life".We have been looking for and we also have positive attitudes and values. 

Ouguan looking forward to more young talents to join the company, it also has to hope for all of the creation of unlimited space for development, in the valve industry to create brilliant! 
Compensation and benefits 

We are a company that takes care of people life quality.Let you feel respected, acceptance and tolerance is very important for us.Companies each employee of all position, is vital for the sustainable development of us all.Therefore, whether you work in which corner of the world, can enjoy the benefits of the company. 
Employee life 

Working in Ouguan, means that you be inspiring, part of the fun, fast-paced environment.As valve manufacturers, we adopt a positive incentive mechanism, but we believe the bureaucratic way of working.Here, you can always do the most true to yourself, in fact, this is also our actively encourage it!

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