※ Enterprise spirit: scientific practical struggle dedication
※ Service tenet: customer demand, is our work.
※ Operating principles: taking market demand as direction, to user requirements for product standards.
※ Our tenet: to the quality to win the user to the credibility of development In order to occupy the market price
※ Distribution principle: to calculate Work more
※ Principle of choose and employ persons: xian heavy just Character is first selection
※ The value principle: from your work In order to repay the society
※ Quality policy: "abide by integrity, enhance customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, to create enterprise famous brand".
※ Quality goal: the pursuit of "hundred product percent of pass and complete customer satisfaction" is our quality goal.
※ Goal: the pursuit of first-class quality, converge the first-class talented person, development of first-class products, to explore first-class marketing concept, and strive to become the international first-class enterprise.

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