Present situation
  Ouguan valve technology co., LTD is engaged in research, production and sales of professional valve, high-tech industry companies, the company has long focused on the domestic and foreign gas and petrochemical industry, power station valve market research and technological development, its technological development ability and manufacturing ability in the domestic same industry leading level, products are widely used in petrochemical industry, natural gas, metallurgy, power stations and city gas distribution.The company always covers an area of about 58.5 acres, with a construction area of more than 39000 square meters standard workshop and so on, the existing staff of nearly hundred people.Companies pay attention to talent introduction and cultivation mechanism, employ the experts led technology research and development company, attaches great importance to technical innovation and equipment upgrading, with first-class products and services based on the market.
Talent   Company existing staff nearly hundred people, machinery, automation, welding, heat treatment, inspection, testing and other professional complete, good product development and production capacity.And from the domestic well-known manufacturers employ experts and responsible for the company's technology research and development and production process control.Company equipped with professional mechanical and electrical professional after-sales service team, ready to escort for the company's products and services for our customers.
Product   Company is currently in butterfly valve, gate valve, ball valve, check valve, globe valve, many series of many varieties of products, the company production of butterfly valve diameter reached DN4000. "Ouguan" Always adhere to the "to the quality of production, seek development by science and technology, striving for market by the good faith service" business philosophy.
  Thanks to new and old customers trust and support of "Ouguan", hope that we become your best friend and partner forever!

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